Cycling Jeans – Resolute Bay vs my Favourite Skinny Jeans

I’m a jeans kind of girl, I love them, and when I’m not in cycling kit you’ll likely find me in jeans. I’d been hearing about cycling specific jeans here and there and wondered if it would be worth trying a pair.

I have my favourite go-to jeans that I’ve bought since I was 18. I occasionally try something else but always end up going back to American Eagle jeans in whatever the style of the day is. They are my tried and true jeans. Since they currently make skinny jeans in hi-rise and sky-hi, they also have me covered, literally on the bike. So when I’m out riding around doing errands and meeting friends, they are my go-to jeans. When I came across Resolute Bay cycling specific skinny jeans, I decided to give them a try. Watch the video to find out how it went.