What to Bring on a Bike Ride

When you are new to cycling and heading out for a ride it’s hard to know what you need to bring. In the past this lead me to bring too much so in this week’s video I share the mistakes I’ve made and how I’ve gone from a large saddle bag to a compact one.

If you want to know what to bring with you when you go out for a ride from running errands, club rides, commuting, and bike touring. Below you will find the list I keep in my bike room for road rides, they can be early starts and this way I know I won’t forget anything 🙂

What to bring Road Cycling:
✔️bank card & cash (for an emergency cab)
✔️spare inner tube & tire patches
✔️tire levers
✔️multi tool
✔️house key

Extras depending on weather:
✔️rain jacket