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Bluenose Girl

Who is Bluenose Girl?

I’m originally from the small city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada and I am very proud of the place where I grew up, which has played a part in shaping who I am today and how I see the world.  Currently I live in London, learning what makes this great city tick and making the most of having Europe at my doorstep.

I love to travel and I will be sharing with you what I have learned from my many years working in the travel industry and travelling the world.  As well I will post about the ins and outs of living abroad, my finds and tips for living in and visiting London.

I hope that you find it a fun, helpful site.  We Bluenosers are a friendly bunch who like to share and help each other out, so feel free to share back and leave me your comments, thoughts or ideas.

Where did the term Bluenose come from?

Jan. 28: Bluenose founders.

Bluenoser is a nickname Nova Scotians are known by.  Nova Scotian’s have proudly been called “Bluenoses” or “Bluenosers” since the 1700’s. No one knows for sure where it started but there are 2 main theories. One is the Ruby Pulsivar’s Blue Noser, a potato which was developed in Nova Scotia, has long, oval tubers with light purple skin and a dark blue “nose” protuberance. These potatoes were grown and exported by early settlers.  The 2nd theory is due to blue mittens worn by fishermen out on the cold North Atlantic which caused blue marks on the cold runny noses of the fishermen.

However it came about the name has stuck around over the years, in 1921 a ship was built which became a famous racing schooner call the Bluenose, it never lost a race.  The the 3rd version of the schooner was launched in 2012 in Lunenburgh, NS and can be found sailing the waters off Nova Scotia. As well you can find this beloved tall ship on the back of the Canadian dime (10cents).

Thanks for stopping by!