Goodbye Ride On Cycling

Goodbye Ride On Cycling

The time has come to retire Ride On Cycling.

Way back in 2015, I started the YouTube channel to document and share my ride across Canada. I wanted to share my journey because the blogs I read when I discovered bike touring taught me so much and helped make my ride a success. I decided to use video because, at the time, there weren’t any cycling across Canada vlogs. I hoped others might see me in action, just a regular person, and believe they could do it too.

Years later, Nathan (my husband now) and I are glad to have those videos to look back on and remember that amazing summer. They aren’t the best-made videos, but we stuck it out editing on the road and uploading once a week, not an easy task when you are physically tired.

MIchelle and Nathan in Vancouver, BC at the start of the ride across Canada and at the end in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Once settled back in the UK, I missed making videos, and I was motivated to continue making videos by the kind comments on the channel. Comments that talked about how the videos inspired them. I was in no way comfortable in front of a camera, but I wanted to continue and encourage others to get out on their bikes. Over the years I’ve become more comfortable being in front of the camera and continue to learn new skills so I can make videos that you hopefully enjoy watching.

When we chose Ride On Cycling, it fit our ride across Canada, and it wasn’t already taken. However, now it’s a term associated with Zwift (which was in beta in 2015). I’ve wanted to change it for a while and finally found a name that suits my channel better.

Welcome to One Less Car!

Everyone who rides is one less car on the road, which is better for us all, especially the person on the bike. Riding has made my life so much better. It’s my medicine, keeping Crohns disease in remission. It allows me to combine my two loves in life, cycling and exploring the world. And bikes are the best way to get around cities efficiently and cheaply.

Cycling has also brought many amazing people into my life, including all of you. So I hope you will stick around for the next chapter in my cycling adventures and continue to be the most lovely supportive audience a girl could ask for.

See you over on YouTube!